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Demolition Services

With wealth of experience in different types of residential and commercial demolition, Local Demolition and Hauling is your go-to company for all demolition and hauling services. We take pride in our efficient capability in the deconstruction of any type of structure. We don’t leave any mess around; we vacuume, and clean every space, making it ready for  future construction work.

We take the Safety of your Home and Business very Serious!

At Local Demolition and Hauling, we offer a wide range of services covering interior and exterior demolition and hauling. You can entrust the complete home and structure removal of your projects to us. Are you a property owner? Have you just acquired a new property? Do you want to tear down some part of your old home or you want to completely demolish a property? If you answer yes to any of the questions above, then you need the service of a demolition company such as ours.

We offer exceptional demolition services for different types of structures and buildings. Our team of seasoned professionals is committed to the safe demolition and we have extensive knowledge in all kinds of demolition projects. Some of the demolition services we offer include knocking down walls, demolishing entire houses, porches, add-ons, strip malls, or industrial parks. We handle every project efficiently no matter its size and ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Demolition Services

Some of the demolition services we offer include the following:

  • Industrial Demolition
    We focus on efficient and safe demolition of different types of industrial buildings, such as factories, mills, and chemical plants.
  • Commercial Demolition
    We are experienced in the removal of buildings located in very tight spaces. Our team is equipped with the skills necessary to demolish a wide variety of commercial buildings, including airplane hangars, bridges, grocery stores, and warehouses, among others.

  • Steel Processing
    Do you have scrap metal to dispose? You have nothing to worry about. Our skilled scrap metal recyclers will be there to gather everything up and adapt it to your recommendations before loading it off for recycling.
  • Concrete Crushing and Recycling
    You can earn some LEED certification points from your demolition project simply by recycling the concrete. We have a team of concrete demolition experts who will gather all the concrete structures or blocks on your site and convert them into recycled gravel.
  • Building Demolition
    At Local Demolition and Hauling, we remove homes, apartment, buildings, and big downtown structures with expertise and with little to no impact on your neighborhood. You can avoid the headaches that come with preconstruction by allowing us take charge of the process. Contact us today to know more about our exceptional demolition services.
  • Scrap Metal Demolition
    You can entrust the removal of all unwanted steel structures from your site to us without issues. We can also process the scrap metal and recycle it onsite to save time and money. Local Demolition and Hauling is right here to help you with the entire process.
  • Demolition Investment & Asset Recovery Services
    Are you looking to rescue your equipment or machinery before demolition? Leave your asset recovery service to us and we will bring everything out without any incident.

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Our Professional Demolition Team

Are you planning a major adjustment to your home? An expert company in residential demolition will be the perfect team for the job. There are different situations where this type of assistance is very necessary for an effective result. It might be an old house that you want to bring down and construct from scratch. It might also be a recently purchased property that needs a facelift or total overhaul. Whatever the need is, we are always available with the required expertise and equipment to get the job done. We can disassemble any kind of structure without any errors or complications. Call us today to get an estimate for your home demolition.

Hard Demolition Job is our Specialty

Usually, demolition may become very messy but with our expertise at Local Demolition and Hauling, we get the job done without leaving any mess behind. We can demolish anything from carports, sheds, concrete driveways, bathroom/kitchen demo, retaining wall, chimney, patio cover, home, land clearing; asphalt parking lots and others. Are you looking for demolition contractors in San Fernando Valley or Los Angeles? You can call on us to get the job done; whether small or large. You can review our junk removal and demolition services.

We are always on Time

Our team always works within your timeline. Although we get the job done fast, we are always thorough with our service. At Local Demolition and Hauling, we offer same day and next day service. It all depends largely on the specific size of the building demolition as well as the demolition clean up services that are required.

Prior to the scheduled date, we will contact you to finalize the paperwork and go over specific instructions and requirements pertaining to the demolition project to be carried out. We understand that your time is very valuable, and we try our best to work within your schedule.


Get High Value for your Investment

At Local Demolition and Hauling, we believe that demolition should be cost effective, safe, and efficient. In line with this, we ensure that our clients’ jobs are completed safely and within a reasonable budget. We offer upfront pricing and free estimates, so you can go over everything at a glance. With this, you save money and time.

Are you looking for a timely and precise free demolition estimate? Send us the clear pictures of your structure to our Get a Quote webpage and provide the description of your request. Our team will respond as soon as possible. Whether it is debris removal, backfill, demolition, or any other request, simply provide us the required details and we will revert as soon as possible.



Big or Small Project; we handle it all

Whether your project is big or small, we can handle it. Simply contact us and we will be available to handle your specific project. From small residential hauling to large commercial construction projects, you can trust us to do a great job of it. We work with commercial and residential clients, such as business owners, homeowners, realtors, storage unit owners, contractors, warehouse managers, and property managers. Your satisfaction is our priority, so you can entrust your building demolition to us without worry. Contact us now for a free quote.



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Local Demolition and Hauling assists all different types of clients. We demolish and haul away unwanted junk, furniture, oversized items, demolition material and clean up & removal of debris.