Construction Debris Removal

Clearing the debris and junk from a construction site can be a big headache but you don’t have to worry about that anymore. With the clean up & removal of debris service from Local Demolition and Hauling, you can get your construction cleanup and debris removal job done fast and without any hassle.

We are always available to offer our unique service to the people of the San Fernando Valley and its surroundings. Call us today for your debris disposal, demolition removal, construction cleaning, and debris pick up. Our team of debris removal specialists will be there to take care of your construction waste disposal, debris hauling, and construction cleaning services.

At Local Demolition and Hauling, we don’t leave any mess behind so that you can commence your construction without the disturbance of junk. You can trust us to handle the debris clean up and hauling debris from your construction site. You don’t have to bother about lifting a thing. Our team will be there for the removal of construction debris and every unwanted item that you have on your project site.

Whether it is residential or commercial site, we can take care of all the construction trash removal and debris clean up. Local Demolition and Hauling specializes in construction waste removal and we don’t waste time or disturb your construction work. We will clear the mess leaving the site clean and clear for the contractors.

Our environmentally-friendly approach to the disposal of construction waste removal makes us the preferred choice in the city. We are careful about our debris cleanup and we try as much as possible to avoid landfills. When it comes to the disposal of broken up drywall, cabinets, wood scraps, countertops and sinks, floor tile, bathtubs, concrete, toilets, and other appliances from your office or home, we make sure we sort each item carefully. We check to see items that can be recycled and those that can be donated before we dispose the rest of the properly.

At Local Demolition and Hauling, we also handle construction garbage removal and construction site cleanup for commercial and retail properties without disturbing your daily activities. We can get the job done at the early hours or after the close of business. While carrying out our cleaning services, we can mop the walkways and apply floor protection to keep your floor clean and sparkling. We can handle all size of jobs; whether small or large,  you can trust us to handle your construction cleaning service and demolition debris removal perfectly. Call us today at  1.855-915-DEMO  to get a free estimate for Demolition Hauling or Debris Removal Service.

Are you planning to remodel your office or home? Or are you building from the scratch? Local Demolition and Hauling is your number one San Fernando Valley demolition and hauling company for all your demolition and hauling services. We are a dependable and reputable junk removal company with full insurance and license to operate in San Fernando Valley. For the removal of your construction debris, residential and commercial construction demolition service, Local Demolition and Hauling is right here at your service.

Why Choose Us

We Leave your Site Clean and Clear

We get the mess away, so we leave your construction site clean. At Local Demolition and Hauling, we haul away construction demolition debris, stucco, asphalt and rock. We also clear away your old appliances, wood, concrete, and other debris, leaving your site clear and clean. We provide affordable junk removal and hauling service you can trust.

Exceptional Debris Removal

We understand the need for clear space to work on a construction site. Local Demolition and Hauling handles all the debris and junk removal and dispose the rest properly. Using our state-of-the-art techniques and equipment, we remove the junks and leave your home or office clean and clear of debris and dust.



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Local Demolition and Hauling assists all different types of clients. We demolish and haul away unwanted junk, furniture, oversized items, demolition material and clean up & removal of debris.