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At Local Demolition and Hauling, we perform professional Commercial and Industrial demolition services. We have the capacity to demo office spaces, retail spaces, guests’ rooms, as well as common areas in any facility. For us, there is no job that is too small or to large. Our team of dedicated professionals has the skills and capacity to carry out special jobs such as ceilings with live fire sprinklers both in occupied and non occupied properties. At Local Demolition and Hauling, we are dedicated to completing our clients’ projects within the timeline and on budget.

When we carry our demolition services, we also haul away debris while complying with the Construction Demolition Diversion program of the cities. With this, we have control over the arrival and departure of the debris trucks and can boost the turnaround time of the pickups and drop-offs. Our quality and safety policy makes all the difference in our service.

We Offer Commercial Demolition Services in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley, California

At Local Demolition and Hauling, we offer a full array of services including:

Deconstruction and Building Material Re-purposing

Instead of pulling down an entire building and destroying all components within, Local Demolition and Hauling takes steps to deconstruct the building piece by piece to recover the building materials that can be recycled, sold, or re-used by the client. Our eco-friendly approach minimizes landfill costs, and total project costs. For instance, we can salvage light fixtures, flooring, windows, machinery, HVAC units, pavements, ceiling tiles, roof shingles, bricks, doors, and pipes and these can be repurposed by the client.

Concrete Crushing

A lot of commercial buildings come with large concrete and most times, shipping the concrete to a recycle center can be very expensive. To reduce the cost to our clients, Local Demolition and Hauling has invested in a fleet of state-of-art equipment that can crush concrete on site and transform them into gravel. This can be used for site fill, pipe bed fittings, sub-base layers, and roads, among others. This helps the client to minimize cost on construction and also earn LEED points for reusing materials. Our exceptional service has made us the most sought-after demolition contractors in the San Fernando Valley.

Steel Processing

In addition to deconstruction and demolition, we also offer steel processing services. This we do with the use of sorting and steel cutting tools, like powerful magnets. Our team of professionals helps in selling or recycling materials. At Local Demolition and Hauling, we are very meticulous with our work and we consistently deliver value, and results which has made us one of the most thorough metal recyclers in the whole of the West.

We pride ourselves in providing the following with our in-house expertise:

Building Wrecking: We completely remove any number of structures, bringing it down from the top down to plane ground.

Building Strip Outs: We remove all interior partitions, fixtures, build-out, demising walls, and others, in commercial buildings.

Asbestos Abatement: We completely remove any type of ACM and ACCM from structures, buildings, soil, and gather materials. We also provide encasement, repair, encapsulation, and enclosure services.

Deconstruction: We carry out surgical removal of both interior and exterior finishes and structural elements, or any other thing that can be rescued from a commercial or residential property with the aim of reusing or recycling the items.

Interior Demolition: We perform selective demolition of different interior finishes, which is normally done before a remodeling.

Selective & Controlled Demolition: We can remove one or more components of a structure, leaving specific scheduled areas out of demolition.

Excavation: We provide subterranean digging for basements, parking garages, footings, and underground utilities.

Site Clearing: We offer mass clearance of grub, trees, concrete, organic materials, air conditioner, and rubbish, and we leave the site clean with graded dirt.

Disaster Relief: We offer 24/7 emergency response for flood, fire damage, and any unexpected natural disasters.

Recycling & Asset Recovery: We offer recovery and sales service for recoverable materials from a decommission project.

Ferrous & Non-ferrous Scrap Processing: We provide stripping, sizing, and processing of every scrap metals found in the course of a building wrecking project.

In case you have any demolition related projects that are not included on the above list, contact us to find out about our expertise on your request.

Complex Commercial Demolition

At Local Demolition and Hauling, we handle even the most difficult of demolition projects. With our expertise, we outline a clear strategy for implementation and we fine-tune the process until we perfect it so as to ensure your demolition project works out as planned. We are thorough with our job and we don’t cut corners. When you engage our services, you can be assured that you are getting the best of skill and knowledge available in the San Fernando Valley.

Excellent Attention to Details

At Local Demolition and Hauling, our priority is the safety of all concerned. Before we execute any project, our team meticulously plans the details to ensure the efficiency and safety of the project. We put safety measures in place to protect everyone working onsite as well as the demolition site itself. Our safety consideration is not limited to humans.  We plan our activities and put measures in place so we don’t cause any damage to other parts of the demolition site.



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